Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets Emberall apart in the personal video history market?

Interview clips, taken in a single session or over time, are stored in unique albums. The compilation of these clips creates a life story video that can be viewed as a whole or in brief, natural segments online or on your personalized DVD/USB – bound in a beautiful faux leather case.

Comparable professional service packages range from $1000-$3000 in price. Now, through Emberall’s straightforward interface, you can create your own individualized albums at a fraction of the cost.

Is the app difficult to use?

Emberall may be downloaded on any apple or android smart phone or device. When opened, the app automatically guides you through the process.

The first screen allows you to create an album i.e. “Mom’s history.” From here, you may select a common interview question or create one of your own. A "record" button will appear. Hit record to begin recording and stop to finish. You will be asked if you wish to save or delete your clip. If you delete, you will be given the option to record again. When you are satisfied, hit the “Save” button. The app will seamlessly process and upload the video to your Emberall album, freeing the memory on your phone for further recordings or other activities.

How will I know what to ask during an interview?

The Emberall menu offers 14 categories ranging from “Growing Up” to “Advice and Wisdom” with 4-8 high-impact questions in each category. Those questions most frequently chosen are starred. You may also choose “custom recording” for your unique interview questions.

How do I track which of the suggested questions have already been recorded?

Previously recorded questions are highlighted in green.

Can I edit my videos once they are uploaded?

Once you've uploaded your videos and logged into your account online, the dropdown menu for each clip gives you the options to share, edit title, download, make private or delete that segment.

What if I want to record in a location without Wi-Fi?

No problem. Once you've installed the app, you may use it even without an internet connection. After you save a clip, the file is held in your local memory and automatically uploaded the next time you open the app while connected to Wi-Fi.

How do I view my albums?

You may view your albums and recordings online, download them to your device, or order a premium, legacy keepsake box containing a DVD and USB.

What is the advantage of Emberall’s video storage system?

Emberall automatically organizes your clips and gives you flexibility in how you store or share your files.

When you record a clip and tap “Save,” the video is automatically uploaded to the selected album titled by question. You may store several hours of clips within each album. Of course, you may view the entire album as a whole, but the titled, segmented storage allows quick retrieval and playback of any particular clip online or on your DVD or USB.

How many albums may I store on Emberall?

Once you have signed in, the standard license allows for one album. If you upgrade to the unlimited license, you may create as many separate albums as you wish.

What about sharing?

You may share all or portions of your album with selected friends or family on social media. When sharing an entire album, you have the option to mark particular segments as private and share the rest. You can also just share individual recordings.

Can multiple people record to single album?

If multiple people log into the same account on their devices, they can all record videos in the same album. For instance, if several cousins would like to spend a few minutes recording grandmother on their visits, they may, with your permission, log into your account and record videos in your grandmother's album. Questions previously recorded are highlighted in green to prevent duplicate interviews.

How do I order a DVD/USB Keepsake Box?

When you are satisfied with your album, you are ready to order. Inside the album, click “Buy this album” at the bottom of the screen. If you have pre-purchased an album, you receive it at no additional charge. The entire album, except the portions marked as “private,” will be burned to a personalized DVD/USB and to the address you provide. DVDs typically hold about 2 hours of footage. If your subject requires more than two hours, a second DVD may be included at no additional cost to you. (Please note that lengthy histories or histories of multiple people with several hours of footage should be placed in separate albums.)

Can I use Emberall for personal videos other than histories?

Emberall’s functionality is optimized for personal history interviews. However, users have also used the Emberall platform to archive and share exciting moments in the lives of their children, weddings, or special thoughts or memories at a family gathering or funeral.