Introducing Emberall!

Video is a big part of my life. Since the age of ten I’ve received periodic interviews by filmmaker Rick Stevenson and have logged hundreds of hours in a video journal. A few years ago, the LDS Church heard about the footage and sponsored a film to be made about my brother and me called Two Brothers. It was shown after the Sunday Morning session of General Conference in 2011 and became surprisingly popular within the LDS community.

I never thought that my footage would actually turn into a film that people would watch. My main motivation was actually just recording my process of growing up for my kids to someday learn from. I had younger brothers that I fought with, was a Mormon in an area where there weren’t many, served an LDS mission, took some risks, succeeded a few times, failed more than a few times, made some mistakes and learned as I went along. My life is not particularly out of the ordinary. It was a pleasant surprise when I received a letter from a teenager telling me how the film was “life changing” for him and his family. Over time I received quite a few letters like this, and was inspired by the idea that a story as ordinary as mine could have such a great impact if it were just recorded.

Video is special. It allows you to capture personality, emotion, and context in an efficient and sharable way. Through it memories that may otherwise be forgotten or misremembered can be saved. Whether you are recording an interview or an experience in the moment, these memories are priceless even if the audience is no larger than your own family. Saving memories on video may be the most important thing you are not doing. This conviction led my friend Kyle and I to start a company called Emberall with a mission to help others capture and save priceless memories on video.

There is a lot that needs to be done in this area, but we decided to make our first priority capturing personal histories. We believe capturing stories, memories and advice of our elders is especially important. We’ve developed an app that will provide an easy way to interview family members about their lives. You just need to download it, create an album, and record responses to individual questions. This easy process culminates in an organized album like this one: Patti Sargent

The app is in private beta right now and the public beta will launch on April 12! Demand so far has been incredibly high and there is a waiting list, so be sure to reserve your spot in line at Watch for a blog post next week that will give you an inside look at the app and see a few of the wonderful biographies that have already been captured with it.

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Sam Nelson
Co-Founder/CEO at Emberall