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Capture the life story of a loved one on video forever, in just 30 minutes!
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Emberall Spotlights

Jim & Marlene Walker sing their favorite family song — "A Bushel and a Peck."
Jeanne Francoise Rutishauser talks about her experience as a child in WWII-era France.
Jim Nelson discusses the most meaningful moments of his life in his full personal history.

What Users Are Saying

“This has been so fun to do! My children have been after me to get my history written down but I did something better... I recorded it for them!”
— Gene
“I thought I had heard all of my dad's life stories, but decided to do the recording anyway. There were two childhood memories he recalled that I had not previously heard. My family is so grateful for this history recording because my dad passed away two months later.”
— Lucille
“I was a little concerned when I first heard of this program, but once I saw and heard my dad's stories I wept with emotion from the stories that I was hearing for the first time.”
— Tom
“We recorded my mother's history at the onset of her dementia. As her disease has progressed and her memories have faded, this DVD of mom's history is an absolute treasure for all of my family.”
— Darlene

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Once you're satisfied with each recording, it will be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud and stored in your private album library.

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Why Emberall?

When someone dies, a library burns to the ground.
— African proverb

Have you ever read an old journal from one of your relatives or ancestors? Or taken a few moments to ponder what a loved one may have been thinking while looking at an old photograph? We treasure these memories as part of our family history and background. Today, with smartphones and ubiquitous video, we can do even better.

An Emberall album helps you record and organize the life history of a friend or family member quickly. The highlights are easily accessible and can be shared in your family gatherings and reunions, as well as over the internet or on social media. And they’ll be available for future generations as well.